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Production of waterproofing materials, repair structures for concrete, additives in concrete from the group of companies ARENA FORCE


ARENA DryDeform which is contained in structure of a waterproofing plait natural aluminosilicate bentonite has capability actively to absorb moisture and inflating, to increase in volume at 14-16 times. The extending plait of ARENA DryDeform made on the basis of this mineral hydrophilic is an effective remedy for a waterproofing and is widely applied in practice of construction.



The cord is made for sealing vertical and horizontal technological seams of new and existing concrete and reinforced concrete constructions, uneven surfaces, and between walls holes for the engineering communications. You should not use the material in stagnant water, and on surfaces susceptible to freezing and icing.


Hydrophilic self-expanding cord on bentonite basis


  • Reliable sealing of joints and seams of concreting due to capability of the become wet bentonite plait of ARENA DryDeform to increase in the diameter up to 300%.
  • Capability to maintain hydrostatic pressure to 7 MPa.
  • Resistance to chemical components of concrete solutions and other active environments.
  • Long service life, any number of cycles of swelling and drying of a bentonite basis.

Технические характеристики:

Name of an index Value
1 Density no more than 1,5 g/cm3
2 Volume expanding, %, no more than
24 hours 140
7 days 200
14 days 300
3 Homogeneity Homogeneous mass with includes 0,35 mm
4 Montage method Dowel-nail/gules/staples/ spacers/metal grid
5 Maximal pressure 7.0 bar
6 Resistance to the action of fluids of acids HCl, H2SO4 Resistant
7 Resistance to the action of fluids of alkalis NaOH Resistant
8 Resistance to the action of fluids of petroleum products Resistant
9 Ultraviolet do not create action
10 Water absorption any less than 50%
11 Application: the acidity of environment 3-11 рН
12 Application: temperature of the surface from -15 to +50°С
13 Exploitation temperature from –40 to +100°С
14 Storage conditions of material In the covered rooms at any humidity at temperatures from -60 to +50°С

Технология применения материала

Preparation of the basis:

Before use of material it is necessary to clean a surface from various pollution: - to remove "a cement milk" from the concrete basis; - to cut down concrete flows, to eliminate excessively sharp ledges and also sites of non-uniform structure of a concrete surface; - to clean the surface of concrete with a stream of compressed air.


  • Remove paper from the thehydrophilic.
  • Put it and press firmly to the surface of the structure, fixing it from displacement. Connect it to impose ends on each other cutting it is at an angle of 45° and press firmly to the base, need form a continuous
  • Do mounting mating
  • Also, the cord may be placed on damp surfaces, but stagnant water should be removed from the surface of the base, where using the This case, mounting mating constructions need to produce not оver time 12 hours.

Строительные узлы

Гарантии производителя

The manufacturer guarantees compliance of mix to requirements of specifications at observance by the consumer of storage precautions and indications of this instruction. A warranty period of container storage of the manufacturer – 12 months from the date of production on condition of undisturbed tightness of an original packing.

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