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Production of waterproofing materials, repair structures for concrete, additives in concrete from the group of companies ARENA FORCE


Thanks to capability quickly to stop pressure head leaks in seams and cracks of designs from concrete and reinforced concrete, specialists called dry waterproofing mix of superficial action ARENA PlugMix PW shorter and capacious term «hydroseal». Special cements, perfect fractions of quartz sand, a complex of the polymeric additives capable to a limit to accelerate a skhvatyvaniye and curing of the caused structure and also the components which are effectively protecting the put hydroseal from washing out by water flow are a part of this mix.



Dry construction mixture waterproof surface to stop active leaks mixture, consists of a mixture of alumina and Portland cement, quartz sand and a complex of additives accelerators for setting and hardening, as well as additives that prevent the mixture from blurring when it is applied.


The dry mix is intended for an immediate stop of pressure leaks due to fast setting and strength set. It is used for the liquidation of pressure leaks of water recommendations are correct through concrete, when other materials are washed out with water before they begin to set.


  • Quick stop of leaks, including under-water.
  • No equipment required.
  • High degree of setting with a repaired surface.
  • High resistance to aggressive environment.
  • Can be applied to any surface (concrete, mortar, brick, blocks).
  • Hardens in damp enclosed spaces, quickly gaining strength.

Технические характеристики:

TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Value* Measurement methods*
1 Appearance loose powder gray TU 23.64.10-001-35155041-2017
2 W/F 0,15-0,20 TU 23.64.10-001-35155041-2017
3 Moisture by weight, not more than 0,3% GOST 31376-2008
4 Bulk density 1300±100 kg/m3 GOST 8735, part 9
5 The greatest fineness of filler 0,63 mm GOST 56703-2015
6 Content of grains of the greatest fineness, no more than 0,3% GOST 56703-2015
7 Start of setting, not less than 18 seconds GOST 310.3, part 2
8 End of setting, not longer than 120 seconds GOST 310.3, part 2
9 Density 1700±100 kg/m3 GOST 5802
10 Water resistance mark, more W14 GOST 12730.5
11 Mark for frost resistance, more F300 GOST 5802
* Tests were carried out according to STO 77956721-001-2017 "Descriptions and technology of use of waterproofing materials of the ARENA FORCE brand". All stated indicators of quality and the recommendation are right for ambient temperature 20oC and the relative air humidity of 90%. In other conditions technical characteristics of material can differ from specified.

Технология применения материала


Increase the cavity with a jackhammer for a width of at least 25 mm and a depth of at least 60 mm with expansion in depth (if possible in the form of a cone). Clean the cavity of loose concrete.


Attention! When preparing the mortar mixture, only clean containers and water are used. Prepare the amount of solution mixture, which can be used in the flow of 20-30 seconds. The optimum temperature of the mixing water is 20°C. With decreasing temperature, the time for setting the solution mixture increases. At weakly positive temperatures it is recommended to use warm water for mixing. Mix the mixture with water in the proportion: 0.15-0.20 l of water per 1 kg of dry mixture. The consistency of the prepared mortar mixture ready for use is "dry ground". APPLICATION: Works should be performed at a temperature not below 5 °C. To press the prepared solution mix formed in the form of a cone with a force into a cavity of a leak and to hold within 40-60 seconds. To provide an emphasis for solution mix, it is necessary to press solution mix one movement to the bottom of a leak cavity. At availability of several pressure head leaks, works should be begun with top.


It is necessary to ensure that the treated surfaces remain moist for 3 days. For what you need to moisturize the surface 2-3 times a day.

Строительные узлы

Гарантии производителя

The manufacturer guarantees compliance of mix to requirements of specifications at observance by the consumer of storage precautions and indications of this instruction. Warranty period of container storage of the manufacturer – 18 months from the date of production on condition of undisturbed tightness of an original packing.


It is necessary to avoid hit of mix in eyes and on skin. Mix contains cement and in interaction with water gives alkaline reaction therefore during the work it is necessary to use rubber gloves and goggles. At hit of mix in eyes it is necessary to wash them with water and to ask for the help the doctor.

Storage conditions:

Storage is allowed at any humidity and temperature from - 60C to 50C.