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Production of waterproofing materials, repair structures for concrete, additives in concrete from the group of companies ARENA FORCE


The components of the mix ARENA InMix PN which are deeply getting into capillary structure and a time of concrete fill them with connections, permanent to moisture, at the expense of what, we are capable to raise repeatedly indicators of water tightness and frost resistance of all types of concrete structures. The high-quality portlandtsement, certain fractions of quartz sand and a special complex of the soluble additives reacting with products of hydration of the cement which is contained in concrete products is a part of the getting waterproofing of ARENA InMix PN.


Dry mix is intended for a waterproofing of concrete and reinforced concrete surfaces, a cut-off of a capillary suction of moisture and increase in corrosion resistance of concrete due to filling of a time and capillaries almost insoluble by water connections.


Dry waterproofing permeating mixture consists Portland cement, quartz sand and a complex ionic soluble additive capable of penetrating into the pores and concrete drenches and getting into chemical interaction with the products of Portland cement hydration in concrete.


  • Significantly increases water resistance and durability of concrete;
  • Increases the frost resistance of concrete at least 100 cycles;
  • The concrete foundation does not require drying;
  • Efficiently works with both direct and reverse water pressure;
  • Significantly increases the corrosion resistance of concrete;
  • After processing, the concrete itself is able to resist water penetration and becomes a water resister;
  • Does not contain chlorides and sulfates, capable of provoking corrosion of reinforcement and concrete.

Технические характеристики:

1 Appearance loose powder gray TU 23.64.10-001-35155041-2017
2 W/F 0,35-0,45 TU 23.64.10-001-35155041-2017
3 Moisture by weight not more than 0,3% GOST 31376-2008
4 Bulk density 1200±100 kg/m3 GOST 8735, part 9
5 The greatest fineness of filler 0,63 mm GOST 56703-2015
6 Content of grains of the greatest fineness no more than 3,5% GOST 56703-2015
7 Contents chloride ions no more than 0,004% GOST 56703-2015
8 Start of setting not less than 20 minutes GOST 310.3, part 2
9 End of setting not longer than 150 minutes GOST 310.3, part 2
10 Density 1750±100 kg/m3 GOST 5802
11 Increased brands of concrete, waterproofing, W at least 3 steps GOST 12730.5
12 Increased frost resistance of concrete, F at least 100 cycles GOST 5802
13 Overlapping of cracks and time Up to 0.4 mm in size GOST 56703-2015

Технология применения материала


The base for the application of waterproofing mixtures should be clean and fully moistened. The cleaning of concrete surfaces should be carried out using a high-pressure water jet or other suitable mechanical ways. Attention! Hydration of concrete is carried out to its maximum possible saturation. Work must be performed at a temperature not below +5°С.


Attention! At preparation of solution mix only the net container and water is used! To prepare such volume of a mortar mix which can be developed within 20 minutes from the moment of addition of water in a dry mix. Mix the dry mixture with water in the proportion: 0,35 - 0,45 l of water per 1 kg of dry mixture or 1 part of water to 2 parts of the dry mixture by volume. Mix the mixture for 1 to 2 minutes with a rancid or with a low-speed drill. Attention! Solution mix in usage time needs to be mixed regularly for preserving of initial consistence. Addition of water in solution mix is not allowed.


The mortar mixture should be applied by brush or spray for mortar mixtures evenly over the entire surface into 2 layers. The first layer should be applied to wet concrete, the second layer should be applied to the fresh, but already grasped the first layer. Before applying the second layer, the surface must be moistened. Attention! All cracks, joints, seams, connections and the input connections necessary to isolate the material for the sealing of joints SeamMaster ARENA PT. Place for the active filtration of water must be eliminated by means of a material ARENA PlugMix PW "Hydraulic plug".


The consumption of the dry mixture is 0.8-1.0 kg/m2 of the concrete surface (2 layers). CARE OF PROCESSED SURFACE: It is necessary to ensure that the treated surfaces remain moist for 3 days. For what you need to moisturize the surface 2-3 times a day.

Строительные узлы

Гарантии производителя

The manufacturer guarantees compliance of mix to requirements of specifications at observance by the consumer of storage precautions and indications of this instruction. Warranty period of container storage of the manufacturer – 18 months from the date of production on condition of undisturbed tightness of an original packing.


It is necessary to avoid hit of mix in eyes and on skin. Mix contains cement and in interaction with water gives alkaline reaction therefore during the work it is necessary to use rubber gloves and goggles. At hit of mix in eyes it is necessary to wash them with water and to ask for the help the doctor.

Storage conditions:

Storage is allowed at any humidity and temperature from - 60oC to 50oC.