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Production of waterproofing materials, repair structures for concrete, additives in concrete from the group of companies ARENA FORCE
Scopes of waterproofing additives in concrete

The offered dry mixes are intended for improvement of durability, moisture resistance and other operational characteristics of concrete and reinforced concrete structures due to modification of properties of initial concrete solution in the course of its production. ARENA EcoMix and ARENA BiMix NS/PC additives can be brought at production of hydrotechnical concrete at the RBU plants, or directly on the building sites and objects equipped with the special mobile equipment.

Principle of action and scope

After entering of waterproofing ARENA EcoMix or ARENABiMix NS/PC additives into the mixed solution, chemical modifiers react with salts, oxides and other attendees in concrete weight components, forming difficult insoluble connections – crystalline hydrates. In the course of use of the prepared working solutions these educations densely fill with themselves a superficial time and microscopic cracks in the hardening concrete, counteracting penetration of moisture into it even at the considerable level of hydrostatic pressure of the environment.

Concrete at which production waterproofing ARENA EcoMix or ARENA BiMix NS/PC additives were brought are characterized by model moisture resistance and the improved indicators of durability, durability and frost resistance. Such concrete have the brand of water tightness to W20 and are recommended for construction of all types of hydrotechnical objects. Considering sanitary and ecological safety of ARENA EcoMix and ARENA BiMix NS/PC additives, the made concrete structures are suitable for water supply construction of facilities.


Use of waterproofing ARENA EcoMix or ARENABiMix NS/PC additives allows to receive concrete solutions of high mobility which are capable to fill the volume of timberings and самоуплотняться without use of the vibration equipment. This property of structures increases performance of works on concreting and allows to provide the highest quality and durability of all types of building constructions even when use of vibration devices is complicated, or it is impossible.

Besides, use of waterproofing additives improves all major operational characteristics of the made concrete, including resistance to corrosion and formation of cracks, allows to save up to 40% of cement and also several times reduces concrete curing terms, providing thereby acceleration of terms of construction of the facility.