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Production of waterproofing materials, repair structures for concrete, additives in concrete from the group of companies ARENA FORCE


Applying complex ARENA BiMix NS/PC additive in the course of preparation of concrete, it is possible to increase significantly durability and to improve other qualitative indexes of concrete mixes, including parameters of mobility, speed of curing and water tightness. Active mineral fillers and a complex of the innovation polymeric modifiers are a part of the additive executed on the basis of microcement in ARENA BiMix NS/PC concrete. This additive should be entered into concrete solutions, proceeding from regulation of 3-6% to the mass of cement. For determination of an optimum dosage of ARENA BiMix NS/PC additive at production of concrete of various structure it is recommended to execute a series of trial batches.

ARENA BiMix NS is compatible with additives to concrete on naphthalene sulfate base.
ARENA BiMix PC is compatible with additives in polycarboxylate-based concrete.


  • Production of high strength and durability concrete.
  • Accelerated hardening of concrete.
  • Increased convenience in laying, the plasticity of the concrete mixture (Independently fills the formwork, does not require long vibrations during laying).
  • Increased water resistance, frost resistance, the corrosion resistance of concrete.


  • Allows to save 40% cement in concrete without losing its' technical properties;
  • Allows to get concrete with increased strength and crack resistance;
  • Allows to get concrete for hydraulic engineering, with a mark of water resistance at W20;
  • Allows to receive concrete with declared brand strength for 3-7 days;
  • Provides high frost resistance not less than F600;
  • Allows to create a self-compacting concrete mix with an optimum viscosity for laying and the absence of a stratification effect;
  • The additive is absolutely safe and allowed to use in domestic drinking water

Технические характеристики:

Appearance: loose powder gray
Bulk density in the standard non-compacted state: 300-400 kg/м3
Humidity on weight: until 0,5%
Consumption of additive to cement weight in solution: 3 - 6%
packing: Bags of 6 kg
Expiration date: 18 month
Increase in durability of concrete on compression, more 30%
Increase in mobility of concrete mix, up to Pk5
Increase of water resistance on concrete, more 4 steps
Increase of frost resistance of concrete F, more 300 cycles
Time of formwork removal the next day
Possibility for use in drinking tanks Yes
Increased air resistance with a value of, more 300 cycles
Compositions of concrete of the brand М300 1 day 3 day 7 day 28 day The brand on water tightness frost resistance
Strength on compression of concrete without additive 17,64 MPa 20,72 MPa 23,54 MPa 28,69 MPa W - 4 F - 300
Strength on compression of concrete with additive ARENA BiMix NS/PC 25,34 MPa 29,25 MPa 32,95 MPa 39,60 MPa W - 18 F - 600
Mark of concrete Mark of cement Quantity of  ARENA BiMix NS/PC, kg Mark of cement Quantity of ARENA BiMix NS/PC, кг
М200 М400 15 М500 14
М250 М400 18 М500 15
М300 М400 20 М500 18
* Tests were carried out according to STO 77956721-001-2017 "Descriptions and technology of use of waterproofing materials of the ARENA FORCE brand". All stated indicators of quality and the recommendation are right for ambient temperature 20oC and the relative air humidity of 90%. In other conditions technical characteristics of material can differ from specified.

Технология применения материала

Attention! If for production of concrete solution it is not necessary to use all packing of ARENA BiMix NS/PC additive entirely, its contents are required to be mixed at first carefully, and only after that to measure the necessary number of structure for a batch. At production of concrete mixes it is important to observe the dosage recommended by the producer (3% - 6% of a weight share of cement), excess of amount of the ARENA BiMix NS/PC additive brought in solution are not capable to provide any additional benefits.

Строительные узлы

Гарантии производителя

The manufacturer guarantees compliance of mix to requirements of specifications at observance by the consumer of storage precautions and indications of this instruction. A warranty period of container storage of the manufacturer – 18 months from the date of production on condition of undisturbed tightness of an original packing.