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Production of waterproofing materials, repair structures for concrete, additives in concrete from the group of companies ARENA FORCE

ARENA FastMix Hot30, SELF-HEATING, QUICK-HARDENING CONCRETE COMPOUND for work at a temperature from -25°C to + 45°C

The self-heating quick-hardening repair structure of ARENA FastMix Hot30 is intended for production of a wide range of the repair work connected with elimination of cracks and other defects in building constructions and separate products from concrete. Thanks to presence at composition of initial dry mix of a complex of the modifying additives and accelerators of a skhvatyvaniye, the repair structure for ARENA FastMix Hot30 concrete possesses the expressed function of self-heating and a fast set of durability.

After preparation of structure, during the term which is no more than 45 minutes, working solution mix on the basis of structure of ARENA FastMix Hot30 has necessary mobility and is convenient in work, as on horizontal, and vertical surfaces. But in 2 hours after the end of laying, durability on compression of repair structure for ARENA FastMix Hot30 concrete reaches 40-45% of project (standard).

At a zatvoreniye warm water (35 °C-40 of °C), this mix can be applied to production of repair construction works at ambient temperature to — 25 °C, due to self-heating. Saving of time of construction of facilities, a possibility of application in the winter without additional heating, the increased durability, high adhesion to the repaired concrete surfaces, and other operational benefits, the structure of ARENA FastMix Hot30 is popular and is successfully applied in all climatic zones of the Russian Federation.


The self-heating quick-hardening repair structure of ARENA FastMix Hot30 is capable to solve the versatile problems on various construction objects demanding compliance to unique characteristics of ARENA FastMix Hot30.


  • High durability on early terms 2ch/24ch
  • Solution self-heating not later than 5-10 min. after loss of mobility (a possibility of application at a temperature up to -25 °C)
  • High mobility

Технические характеристики:

Name of an index Value* Measurement methods*
1 Technical characteristics of dry mix
1.1 Appearance loose powder gray TU 23.64.10-001-35155041-2017
1.2 Bulk density in standard condition 1200 ± 100 kg/m3 GOST 8735, part 9
2 Technical characteristics of solution mix
2.1 W/F 0,18-0,20 TU 23.64.10-001-35155041-2017
2.2 Mobility of mortar mixture, more Pk3-Pk4 GOST 5802
2.3 Pot life of mortar mixture at stirring, more   30-35 min GOST 310.3, part 2
2.4 Density, kg/m3 2100 ± 100 GOST 5802
3 Technical characteristics of solution
3.1 Compressive strength (from -25°С to -5°С) MPa, more, after 2 hours/24 hours/28 days 15-15/20-25/40-45 GOST 5802-86
3.2 Compressive strength (up to -5°С) MPa, more, after 2 hours/ 24 hours/ 28 days 18-19/ 25-27/ 40 GOST 5802
3.3 Self-heating of solution mix from the moment of a skhvatyvaniye till 2 o'clock, more   40°С TU 23.64.10-001-35155041-2017
3.4 The recommended water temperature for a zatvoreniye at negative temperatures: -25°С = 35°С - 40°С - 5°С = 25°С - 30°С TU 23.64.10-001-35155041-2017
3.5 The recommended water temperature for a zatvoreniye at positive temperatures: > 5°С more 10°С TU 23.64.10-001-35155041-2017
3.6 Adhesion, MPa, more, after 28 days   2,5-2,8 GOST 31356
* Tests were carried out according to STO 77956721-001-2017 "Descriptions and technology of use of waterproofing materials of the ARENA FORCE brand". All stated indicators of quality and the recommendation are right for ambient temperature 20oC and the relative air humidity of 90%. In other conditions technical characteristics of material can differ from specified.

Технология применения материала


Clean the surface of various contaminants, preven- ting the adhesion of the solution to the substrate. Attention! Before applying ARENA FastMix Hot30 material, it is necessary to moisten the substrate with water until the maximum possible saturation is achieved. RECOMMENDATIONS In order to obtain the regulatory characteristics of the compound, any changes in the ratio of water and solid are NOT allowed! To achieve the pot life specified in the regulations, mortar mixture ARENA FastMix Hot30 must be stirred regularly.
at negative temperatures

-25°С = 35°С - 40°С

at negative temperatures

- 5°С = 25°С - 30°С

at positive temperatures

> 5°С не ниже 10°С

When the temperature of water decreases, the setting time and strength gain of the mortar mixture increase, and the final strength of the mixture decreases. FORMATION OF MORTAR MIXTURE The operation to be performed in the temperature range from -25°C to +45°C. Attention! Use only clean water and packaging to prepare the mortar. For gauging of 1 kg of the dry mixture, 0.19 litres of water is required. Mix thoroughly with a slow-speed drill or mortar mixer for 3 minutes until forming a homogenous soft mass without lumps. Withstand the technological pause for 3-5 minutes and re-stir the mixture. Attention! Solution mix in usage time needs to be mixed regularly for preserving of initial consistence. Addition of water in solution mix is not allowed.


Before applying the mortar, the surface should be thoroughly moistened. The material can be applied manually or mechanically. HANDLING OF THE TREATED SURFACE
  • at a positive temperature, for achievement of durability of coupling (up to 2.8 MPas), the basis is required to humidify and watch that the processed surfaces remained damp within 3 days;
  • at a negative temperature for achievement of procedural durability, it is required to cover an open surface with waterproof heat-insulating material for the term of not less than 3 hours;
  • to protect from mechanical influences, including from direct impact of an atmospheric precipitation.

The consumption

The expense on 1 m3 makes 1925 kg., on 1m2-2.0kg. at a thickness of layer of 1 mm.


Storage is allowed at any humidity and temperature from -60°С to +50°С.

Строительные узлы

Гарантии производителя

Guarantees of the producer The manufacturer guarantees compliance of mix to requirements of specifications at observance by the consumer of storage precautions and indications of this instruction. warranty period of container storage of the manufacturer – 12 months from the date of production. Use of materials and on expiry date, on condition of carrying out preliminary tests is allowed. Security: It is necessary to avoid hit of mix in eyes and on skin. Mix contains cement and in interaction with water gives alkaline reaction therefore during the work it is necessary to use rubber gloves and goggles. At hit of mix in eyes it is necessary to wash them with water and to ask for the help the doctor. Storage conditions: Bags with dry mix need to be stored in the covered rooms, providing tightness of packing and protection of mix from moistening.