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Production of waterproofing materials, repair structures for concrete, additives in concrete from the group of companies ARENA FORCE

ARENA WallProtect CM the tinted waterproof concrete membrane

Dry waterproofing surface obmazochny elastic mix consists of mix mineral and polymeric knitting and also the fractioned quartz sand and a pigment. After hardening represents thin multilayered elastic (not less than 2 layers) the waterproof covering 2-5 mm thick applied on surfaces of the isolated design by means of a brush or the pallet.


Dry mix is intended for a waterproofing and protection of concrete, brick and stone structures and also products from gypsum cardboard due to creation on the isolated surface of waterproof layers.


- does not demand the subsequent coloring - thickness of drawing is not less than 2 mm; - effectively works with a direct pressure of water; - has resistance to mechanical damages - has high resistance to influence of hostile environment; - vapor permeability; - profitability; - simplicity in application; - the high adhesion and capability to perceive insignificant deformations of the isolated surface; - a possibility of drawing on a damp surface by the manual and mechanized method.

Технические характеристики:

Name of an index Value Measurement methods
1 Appearance Powder of different color TU 23.64.10-001-35155041-2017
2 W/F 0,16 TU 23.64.10-001-35155041-2017
3 Humidity on weight No more 0,3% GOST 31376-2008
4 Bulk weight 1100±100 kg/m3 GOST 8735, part 9
5 The greatest fineness of filler 0,63 mm GOST 56703-2015
6 Content of grains of the greatest fineness No more 0,5% GOST 56703-2015
7 Mobility Pk1-Pk2 GOST 56703-2015
8 Start set Not earlier than 60 minutes GOST 310.3, part 2
9 End set No later than 210 minutes GOST 310.3, part 2
10 Density 2100±100 кг/м3 GOST 5802
11 Durability at compression for 1/28 days Not less 7/35 MPa GOST 5802
12 Durability at a bend for 1/28 days Not less 8/10 MPa GOST 310.4
13 Water resistance mark Not less W18 GOST 12730.5
14 Mark for frost resistance Not less F400 GOST 5802
15 Adhesion after 3/28 days Not less 1,0/2,0 MPa GOST 31356
16 Shrinkage at the 28 days Not less 0,1% TU 23.64.10-001-35155041-2017
*All stated indicators of quality and the recommendation are right for ambient temperature 20⁰С and the relative air humidity of 90%. In other conditions technical characteristics of material can differ from specified.

Технология применения материала

PREPARATION OF THE BASIS: To clean the isolated surface from residues of plaster, paint and other pollution interfering coupling of waterproofing mix with the basis. To carry out the visual assessment of the isolated site and to reveal places of filtration of water. In the presence of active leaks to eliminate them by means of the dry mix ARENA PlugMix PW. PREPARATION OF SOLUTION MIX: To prepare such volume of solution mix which can be developed within 60 minutes from the moment of mixing with water. Optimum water temperature of a zatvoreniye is 20 °C. To perform works at a temperature not below 5 °C. On 1 kg of dry mix 0.16 l of water are required. Dry mix should be added to water. To make hashing a low-turnover drill within 3 minutes, before formation of homogeneous plastic mass without lumps. To sustain a technology pause of 3-5 minutes and to mix mix repeatedly. It is regular to mix solution mix in usage time for preserving of initial consistence. Repeated addition of water in solution mix is not allowed. APPLICATION: The ready covering has to have thickness not less than 2-4 mm. Even if by means of the pallet and it is possible to put a layer 2 mm thick, it is necessary to put, at least, 2 more layers. Depending on amounts of works, solution mix can be applied by means of the pallet or a brush. CONSUMPTION: The consumption of dry mix makes 1.8 kg/sq.m of a surface of concrete on 1 mm of a layer. CARE OF PROCESSED SURFACE: It is necessary to ensure that the treated surfaces remain moist for 3 days. For what you need to moisturize the surface 2-3 times a day.

Строительные узлы

Гарантии производителя

The manufacturer guarantees compliance of mix to requirements of specifications at observance by the consumer of storage precautions and indications of this instruction. A warranty period of container storage of the manufacturer – 18 months from the date of production on condition of undisturbed tightness of an original packing. SAFETY: It is necessary to avoid hit of mix in eyes and on skin. Mix contains cement and in interaction with water gives alkaline reaction therefore during the work it is necessary to use rubber gloves and goggles. At hit of mix in eyes it is necessary to wash them with water and to ask for the help the doctor. STORAGE CONDITIONS: Storage is allowed at any humidity and temperature from -60⁰С to +50⁰С.