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Production of waterproofing materials, repair structures for concrete, additives in concrete from the group of companies ARENA FORCE
Scopes of repair structures for concrete

The range of repair structures offered by our company for concrete of the ARENA RepairMaster series is intended for restoration of structural integrity and strength characteristics of all types of concrete and reinforced building constructions. These structures are highly effective and universal that allows to carry out different types of construction and repair work with guaranteed quality:

  • To close up cracks, hollows, chips, to eliminate any other defects of concrete surfaces in and outside of buildings.
  • To restore functionality and appearance of the bearing building constructions – beams, farms, columns and other products from concrete and reinforced concrete.
  • To perform scheduled repairs for the purpose of preserving and improvement of operational characteristics of the reinforced concrete structures which are affected by hostile environment.
  • To apply to accomplishment of auxiliary works on fixing of «beacons», anchors, fastening of electric equipment and plumbing fixtures.
  • The modifying polymeric components which are present at composition of the mixes ARENA RepairMaster provide moisture resistance, high adhesion to the concrete bases and a fast set of durability, and the crushed polymeric fibers in structure guarantee the maximum durability of the repaired surfaces even at the minimum thickness of putting working mix.